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This diet takes at least a 25 day commitment plus your three week maintenance (see maintenance) If you are unwilling to commit to the diet for this long, then this diet isn’t for you. Also, BEFORE you start, don’t forget to measure yourself – your thighs, hips, waist, bust, arms. You WILL drop many inches. Some people drop more than 20 inches (you add the inches up – i.e. 3 from the waist, 2 from the thighs, 2 from the bust, 1 from each arm, etc) in just the first 2 weeks. Even when there is only a 5-10 pound weight loss, you can still lose the inches. This is because you are losing FAT, and FAT weighs less than muscle. You are not going to lose muscle on this diet, like you would on many other traditional diets.

Also, due to time constraints, if you have any questions please contact Barbara via email at blmuenze@gmail.com   Barbara is an and health counselor practicing natural healing. She has scheduled appointments throughout the day so. E-mail is the best way to reach her.

Other notes: You DO need to follow the instructions provided. Some of the most common questions can be answered in the instructions. Yes, you do need to take a potassium supplement or a glass of V-8 juice every day. Yes, you do need to load and eat a lot of fatty foods the first two days of the diet. This starts the fat metabolism process. Yes, you need to measure and weigh every day. Yes, you will see results. Yes, men can do this diet. They also can eat a little bit more than women can on it. If you do mess up by eating a little bit larger meal than you intended, that should be fine. It won’t ruin your diet. Just be careful with the sugars/carbs and the fats.

The diet summary is this:

  • 2 days of eating high fat foods, in otherwords pigging out. 
  • 23 days of restricted eating while taking the weight loss drops
  • 3 days of restricted eating AFTER finishing the weight loss drops (this is the first step to the maintenance phase)
  • 21 days of “watching what you eat” – The maintenance phase. This consists of eating regularly but watching the carbs and sugars and fats. This is the period where your weight stabilizes. You will most likely continue to lose inches and pounds during this stage. However, don’t eat carbs and sugars at the same time (if you eat bread or pasta for dinner, skip the dessert, and don’t eat BOTH bread and pasta in the same meal). This is just for 3 weeks.
  • After this allotted time you can eat whatever you want as long as you follow the maintenance phase and weigh yourself every day

Note: Keep weight loss drops out of direct sunlight, x-rays, and strong magnetic fields such as computers, microwaves, etc.

I always recommend before you start any weight loss plan to consult your doctor. Also, as you lose the weight,you must commit to contacting your doctor for changes in your prescription medicines (as you lose weight, your prescriptions may be too strong for you)

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Best kit for 2 rounds 42 days - 2 bottles of the weightloss formula and one 2 oz bottle of weight off. 

As always - unlimited e-mail support. blmuenze@gmail.com

Please note: The weight loss formula with 3 aminos works best for 99% of people. Please e-mail me with any questions. If you are doing 2 rounds back to back, i suggest the 3 bottle order, which is 2-2oz bottles of weight loss formula and 1-2oz bottle of the weight off.

Pricing: 2oz bottles of hcg weight loss formula $69.00 and 2oz bottles of weight off are $49.00. I include $7.50 for priority shipping. I live in a very small town and over nite shipping is very expensive Fed-Ex only, so please make sure you order enough or allow enough time when re-ordering. Priority mail usually take 2-3 days excluding holiday traffic. 

If you do not use up your bottles, make sure you refrigerate any opened bottles and save for next round.



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